COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The Washington DC Table Tennis Center is prioritizing your safety and health as we plan for the club to reopen. We are taking all precautions to ensure that we follow recommendations and guidelines set forth by the CDC and DC Health regarding COVID-19 business functions.  Recognizing that COVID-19 can still be a threat in the months to come, we are working to proceed in a cautious and thorough way to assess the needs of our club patrons.  As guidelines and recommendations continue to evolve, we will continue to provide the most updated processes and administrative controls necessary to resume operations. This includes outlining necessary processes for dealing with future diagnosed cases, exposures, and patron concerns. We will continue to emphasize the importance of respiratory etiquette, proper hand-washing practices, and the need for social distancing.  

What We Request From You

  • All players must sign the health waiver daily (parents sign for minors).

  • All players must check their temperature at the entrance desk and record it on the sign in sheet.

  • All players must practice social distancing of 6’ apart and not change sides of the table.

  • Masks must be worn at all times by anyone inside the facility, except when playing.

  • During play wearing a mask is optional, but highly suggested.

  • All players must refrain from physical touch of any kind.

  • All players are encouraged to bring their own water bottle. Use of our water fountain is prohibited until further notice.

  • All players are responsible for their personal items at all times. There will be no lost and found service for the foreseeable future and all abandoned items will be thrown away.

  • No entry will be permitted for those with a fever above 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, COVID-19 symptoms, or recent contact with a COVID-19 patient.

  • It is recommended that persons more vulnerable or at-risk for COVID-19 as identified by the CDC-including those who are over the age of 65 or those who have chronic medical conditions-take extra precaution or refrain from use of the facility.

  • Our occupancy limit is 20 people at a time and the total player limit for each camp session is 10.

  • There is a cleaning station with wipes, hand sanitizer and a trash can next to each table. At the end of each session, players are required to clean up their court with the wipes and deposit all trash in the trash can. Clean up must be done within the reserved time period in order to ensure a smooth transition between reservations. Failure to clean up will result in a $50 charge.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Our balls will be disinfected before each training session.

  • Masks will be available for purchase at the facility.

  • Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available at each table in the facility.

  • All staff must be healthy.

  • All staff are required to have a daily health check including temperature check upon arrival.

  • All staff will wear masks at all times. 

  • All coaches, practice partners, and staff will maintain a 6’ distance from the students frequently wash hands and use hand sanitizer.

Policies and Guidelines are subject to change as directed by the CDC and DC Health regarding COVID-19 business functions.  These policies and protocols are not intended to identify every possible hazardous situation, risk deficiency, code/legal violation, potential area of liability or violation of safe practices and no party shall rely upon this report as being a comprehensive identifier of every potential instance of liability or assurance of compliance with any applicable law. Any personal data acquired, processed or shared by us will be lawfully processed in line with applicable data protection legislation.

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